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logoMay 27, 2013

Now You Can Air Condition & Power Your Home With Solar Heated Bath Water

An order form is in-the-works for an initial production run of ten units.

1-ton solar air-conditioner/refrigerator/freezer and/or 1kw electric power generator combo.

$35,000 estimated

Kindly call Jeff Sterling directly 786 797 7007 (USA)
hours: 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time

On Sept. 3rd, 2012, Matteran Energy successfully ran their Residential-scaled low-temperature power plant in refrigeration mode for the first time.

Ours is a thermodynamic power cycle, distinct from Rankine cycles you are used to, in that we've completely eliminated the pump that is universally tasked with the "recycling" of the power cycle: the working fluid feed-pump. Our solution was simple, but just not obvious. As a result, this cycle has no problem processing renewable energy at temperatures far too low to be economically converted into power by current means. It's no exageration to say that we can produce power fueled at the temperatures produced in a sun-drenched garden hose.

We built this demonstrator to process 150ºF (65ºC) water, from common rooftop flat-plate solar hot water collectors. Plastic swimming pool solar collectors operate efficiently at 107ºF (41ºC), are less costly, and will power our later project.

We're about to open up a whole new world of renewable energy: low temperature energy collected by the least expensive means from the sun and the earth.

In addition to off-grid applications, tremendous savings will soon be realized by recycling energy you are already paying for. For example, commercial refrigeration plants and food storage facilities can reduce their massive expenditures for electricity by cogenerating 10% additional power fueled by their own low-grade waste-heat, rather than expelling that heat directly into the environment as they currently do.

This prototype was built on a useful, understandable scale. It produces electricity in the normal manner, using a turbine to spin an electric generator. Additionally, its two venturis make refrigeration. The smaller of our two venturi-ejectors made 1/3rd ton of refrigeration, at temperatures for making both ice and air conditioning. Our 1-ton venturi will test our full capacity in our next demonstration.

I've included 4 videos, below, for those who have been following our progress. This first video will be your first good look at the equipment we've been developing for the past five years. You'll get a 3 minute guided tour. If the audio seems out-of-sync, then momentarily pausing the video will fix it.

The video below was captured in the midst of our first refrigeration test. The refrigerant coil reached freezing temperatures, effortlessly. Later, we blew humid Florida air through that coil to produce a powerful blast of refreshing air conditioning!

(video below) Our new 1kw scroll expansion engine for producing electricity through the electric generator operates concurrent with, yet independently from, our venturi refrigeration component.

Those yearning for an understanding of our unique thermodynamic cycle should view the 4 minute video, below.



Our company is Sterling Power Plant LC, a Florida company, dba Matteran Energy. We invented and patented this novel low-temperature power & refrigeration process.

Our goal is to develop residential-scaled power units, and to license our technology to manufacturers for their production of larger scale, low-temperature power plants throughout the world. Investment and licensing information is available through a form provided here. (click)

We owe a very deep debt of gratitude to GEA Heat Exchangers for their unending and generous support, providing the highest quality heat exchangers and top-notch expertise for their implimentation.

Thank you for your interest and support. Help spread the word !

Jeff Sterling



 Introduction   Video    What is a Thermal Power Cycle? Power for Joe Sixpack Product Availability Contact Us  Invest with Us  


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