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Energy Independence

The Sterling Energy Converter is a thermal power plant for converting ambient solar energy directly into ELECTRICITY, REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING. It’s patented innovative technology uses solar thermal collectors to convert the sun’s rays into heat. Heat energy is converted to mechanical energy and electricity by spinning a turbine while the steamy temperatures drive a condensation process which extracts water vapor from the air to produce water. This newly formed water is subsequently frozen into ice, providing a reliable source for refrigeration and air conditioning without any external power sources or harmful emissions.

The Sterling Energy Converter

This innovation in thermal ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology will forever brighten our planet bringing energy independence to the world’s most remote areas; allowing for complete off grid living and the actualization of previously underdeveloped regions.

Caring for our Planet

By bringing our technology to underdeveloped regions of our planet, we’ll be bettering the lives of millions of human beings. The Sterling Solar Converter will bring clean drinking water to areas that lack it, allow for people to live in remote zones that lack basic infrastructure and bring a new dawn of energy independence